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*Here you will find some materials I created during my student teaching for a Spanish Novice II class.  This was a class I taught with my cooperating teacher due to the high level of students with learning disabilities and Individualized Education Programs.  Even though we shared the responsibilities in planning and teaching, I was able to create many of my own lesson plans, activities, materials, and exams, and put them to use.  The opportunity as a whole was amazing, especially because I was able to work in the classroom with an experienced teacher, who guided and critiqued me on the path to improvement.  Yet, more than anything, I feel it widened the spectrum of experiences I will have as an educator.  They say a good teacher is one with experience, one who is constantly learning and building upon that experience.  I feel this class was a great "base" to begin building upon, and add to the many challenges and rewards that are yet to come in my experience as a teacher.

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