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Hera's teaching portfolio © 2005

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Throughout this portfolio, I chose to use pieces of my coursework that reflect my ideas and opinions on teaching. It is a reflection of myself as a teacher, and as a human being.  I made it as personal as possible, to let you get to know me, and to get a taste of my personality. 
I want anyone who visits my web site, to have a better idea of who I am, and to gain some information from the works and ideas I have posted. 
What you will view in this portfolio is just the beginning of my learning process and experience as a teacher.  It is comprised of the many theories I have learned and the activities I created while completing my MAT at the University of Massachusetts. My studies throughout the program have definitely exposed me to a broad range of experiences and ideas. So, hopefully this portfolio provides you with a well-rounded view of my accomplishments thus far and allows you to reflect upon the many aspects and values of foreign language teaching that I feel are important and worth exploring a bit further! I hope you enjoy it!

Mi amiga y yo en México (Verano 2004)

Books I Recommend:
-The Alchemist (El Alquimista) by: Paulo Coelho
-El Peregrino by: Paulo Coelho
-A Mind at a Time by: Mel Levine
-The New Teacher Book a Rethinking Schools Publication
-Teachers as Cultural Workers: Letter to those who dare to teach by: Paulo Freire
-La Maestría del Amor by: Don Miguel Ruiz