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*This page contains evidence of ACTFL National Standard 6: Professionalism. It shows my involvement, dedication, and interest in the field of Foreign Languages.  My commitment to this profession can be shown through the gathering of materials, activities, and ideas I have obtained from various conferences and workshops.  A foreign language is a valuable tool to have, yet it is something that is constantly changing.  In order to benefit from that tool and be the best teachers we can be, we also have to be the best learners.  Educators and advocators of foreign languages must keep abreast the newest theories, ideas, and practices, and constantly be reflecting on them.  Being an educator is about being a learner, and sharing what you have learned with others.  On this page, you will find a collection of items that I have gathered throughout my past two years of teaching experience.  The first link is a handout I received (then translated into Spanish) from a workshop I attended on "Differentiated Learning", and is just a simple way to assess the students' mood on any given day. The second link will take you to a list of various internet materials I have accumulated throughout my teaching which have served as activities, references, and excellent sources of information.  Everything from transparencies to interactive virtual tours are included.  These links are great, plus the students love getting out of the classroom, onto the computers, and learning on their own. Last, but certainly not least, there is a link to the Northeast Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (NECTFL) which I attended in April 2005 in Manhattan, New York.  The link gives you a basic idea of what types of exhibits and events are held there.  I highly recommend it!  Enjoy!
*Reflective Statement: Through the attendance of workshops and conferences, I have gained many valuable insights, ideas, and materials.  Throughout my student teaching experience, we were required to attend various Teacher/Curriculum Days, sign up for workshops, and attend department meetings where work of the other foreign language teachers was shared and discussed.  I never knew how useful and informative a gathering of teachers could be, so I also decided to attend the 2005 Northeast Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages, which was an experience in itself.  From all of these experiences, I have learned a few things, one of them being: teachers are teachers for a reason, and when we all get together to share our ideas, great things happen.  Attending conferences, workshops, meetings, and Curriculum Days are all necessary for the improvement and perfection of our instructional practices.  I was fortunate enough to be involved in a school that took this idea seriously and gave us the time and resources to be able to get together and work as a team.  I learned a great deal from all of the teachers and educators I met during workshops, conferences, and my field experience.  I hope to continue on that path throughout my career: sharing, learning, and improving little by little.

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