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*These artifacts are evidence of ACTFL National Standard 3:  Language Acquisition Theories and Instructional Practices.  They show my competence and knowledge in the field of foreign language acquisition, and my ability to carry out research and later put it into practice.  In the links below, I have included two research papers I completed during my graduate coursework at the University of Massachusetts. 
The first link, is a paper I wrote where I chose to explore the teachings of the Preterit and Imperfect in the Spanish classroom, not only due to it's difficulty in acquisition amongst native English speakers, but to improve my own teaching of the subject. I have put my findings into effect various times already, and the results are greatly pleasing.
In the second link I have included an investigation I completed on the use of internet materials in the foreign language classroom.  This included my own web forum and activities, which are evidence of ACTFL National Standard 2: Cultures, Literatures, Cross-Disciplinary Concepts. 

The Teaching of Aspect (Preterit and Imperfect)

Exploring the Use of Internet Materials for Foreign Language Learning

*Reflective Statement: I feel that the courses I have taken and the work I have completed in them, has allowed me to have a great advantage over someone without such a complete background in foreign language acquisition.  The knowledge that I have gained from carrying out such investigations and putting it into practice in a real classroom has given me a head start towards my goals on becoming a teacher.  The first time I carried out each activity, of course, had it's areas to be smoothed out and refined.  Yet with each new class, I was able to anticipate problems before they could occur, and that allowed for smooth sailing, full student participation, learning, and enjoyment.  The great part about having this research is being updated on the latest theories and ideas, and being able to test them out myself.  So if I learned anything from this experience, it would be to continue with my own learning, investigating, and experimenting, in order to find the best instructional practices for my students and continue adding to my own body of knowledge. 

*Here I have also included a variety of reflective papers and investigations written during my graduate career.  The first two links are the final results of an assignment where we had to develop our own course.  I chose to design one for a study abroad classroom. The others mainly explore reflections of classroom practices and aspects of teaching. Enjoy!