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*A Spanish course I developed for a University Study Abroad Program in Seville, Spain (but can be used any Spanish speaking country). It's goal is to help students in the immersion process of being in another country, and become integrated into the society through it's activities and lesson plans. Here's the syllabus, and don't forget to CLICK on the lesson plans at the bottom!

International Institute of Culture (IIC) Seville, Spain

Spanish 125 Course Syllabus Fall 2003

Class Schedule: Monday-Thursday; 9am-10:45am.

Instructor: ____________________________ Course Section: _________

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Spanish 125: Beginner/Intermediate Spanish, is a combination of the first two levels of our Spanish program at IIC and is conducted entirely in Spanish. It will meet four times a week and is worth six credits. The content (backbone) of the course will be aimed towards assisting the students in societal integration by allowing them to develop specific communicative abilities and give them a richer sense of the culture throughout their experiences in the program. The material will consist of grammar and sentence structures, vocabulary, culture, and dialectology. While living abroad will the students will be immersed in the language, therefore this course will be conducted a bit more intensively to accommodate the daily situations they may face.

Required Materials:

-Spanish/English Dictionary

-Required texts and workbook will be distributed in class by instructor.

Course Objectives: Throughout this course, and upon successful completion the student will:

1. show abilities to understand and speak Spanish accurately enough to take part in, and maintain conversations concerning daily, social, and academic topics, and express themselves in the present, past, and future tense.

2. develop an awareness and understanding of the culture and traditions in Spain.

3. possess an adequate vocabulary, and read in Spanish sufficiently enough to be able to understand texts such as: newspaper and magazine articles, narrative pieces, advertisements, etc.

4. be able to write in Spanish accurately enough to produce various works such as: journal entries, descriptive paragraphs, letters, pieces expressing opinion, narrations, etc.

Assessment: The evaluation of each student will be based upon six major components throughout the course:

- 2 Exams (midterm and final) 30%

- 2 oral exams (midterm and final) 20%

- 2 participation grades 10%

- weekly quizzes 20%

- 4 essays 20%


Grading Scale:

A+ 97-100     B+ 89-87    C+ 79-77    D 69-6

A 96-93       B 86-83     C 76-73     F 64-0

A- 92-90      B- 82-80    C- 72-70

Attendance Policy: Attendance to class is mandatory, however, IIC allows three (3) unexcused absences throughout the academic term. After the third unexcused absence, the students final average will drop half a letter grade, with every absence.

Excused absences only cover illness. In such an event, the absence must be accompanied by a physicians note stating the student was seen by a healthcare professional. In the event of an absence on an written/oral exam day, without an official excuse, the student will not be able to make up the missed exam. Late homework or essays will also not be accepted late without an official excuse.

Participation: (10%) Twice throughout the course, the student will take part in assessing their own participation during class. Participation involves aspects such as:

-use of Spanish in the classroom, general questions, and responses.

-eagerness to take part in classroom activities.

-completion of homework assignments.

-general attitude towards the course and its participants.

Midterm and Final Exam: (30%) The Midterm and Final Exam will both be cumulative, covering all material learned in class, and together constitute 30% of the final grade.

Oral Exams: (20%) During the week of Midterms and Finals, the student will be evaluated in an oral interview with his/her teacher, focusing on pronunciation, and accuracy of response. The interview will be based on material learned and discussed in class.

Weekly Quizzes: (20%) One quiz will be given each Monday, to assess that weeks focus in class. The average of each weeks quiz will count as 20% of the students final grade. An unexcused absence will result in a zero for that days quiz.

Essays: (20%) The student will write four essays in Spanish throughout the course, which will constitute 20% of their final grade. Topics will be given by instructor during the course, and will be graded for content, accuracy and, complexity. Dates for completion are provided in the course calendar. No late work accepted without an excused absence.

Course Calendar: dates and topics are subject to change, and will be announced ahead of time.

Week 1: (9/15-9/18) Course Introduction. Greetings; identifying yourself and others; courtesy expressions; verbs ser and estar.

Week 2: (9/22-9/25) Numbers 1-30; telling time; Present Indicative tense; verbs gustar and verbs like gustar.

Week 3: (9/29-10/2) Family; descriptive adjectives; possessive adjectives; numbers 31-100; -er/-ir; tener/venir; expressions with tener. Essay #1 due.

Week 4: (10/6-10/9) Irregular Verbs in First Person; days of the week; pastimes and hobbies; professions; Forming Questions (telephone/interviews).

Week 5: (10/14-10/16) no class 10/13 Foods; food descriptions; meals; restaurants; verbs saber and conocer; Present tense of stem-changing verbs; Double Object Pronouns.

Week 6: (10/20-10/23) REVIEW;MIDTERMS;ORAL EXAMS

Week 7: (10/27-10/30) shopping; prices; colors; Preterite tense of regular and stem changing verbs. Essay #2 due.

Week 8: (11/3-11/6) Travel/vacations; months/seasons; travel agency/trains/buses/countries; to like; Direct Object Nouns; Future tense; Condicional tense.

Week 9: (11/11-11/13) no class 11/10 daily routine; Imperative; pronouns (reflexive); emotions with estar; Present Progressive; weather expressions. Essay #3 due.

Week 10: (11/17-11/20) health and medical terms; Preterite of ser and ir; por/para

Week 11: (11/24-11/27) Preterite tense; Imperfect tense; uses of Preterite and Imperfect.

Week 12: (12/1-12/4) uses of Subjunctive; Present Subjunctive

Week 13: (12/8-12/11) Imperfect Subjunctive. Essay#4 due.

Week 14: (12/15-12/18) REVIEW;FINALS;ORAL EXAMS


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