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*One of the chapters we completed during the trimester, was on food.  Now, as you all know, there are two requirements for anyone completing Spanish lessons on food or restaurants: 1) Your students must make their own menus. 2) You have to have a fiesta!  So, we did just that.  Below are the requirements I came up with for creating our own menus, which we later used to act out restaurant skits, choosing items from each original menu. Having the students creating and drawing their own menus may not be the most original idea ever, but it was definitely a useful and enjoyable lesson, that I am guaranteed to do again!

Mi Menú



El menú debe incluir las cosas siguientes:

____ vocabulario #1 del Capítulo 12 (página 384 - 385)

____ el nombre del restaurante

____ ¿dónde está el restaurante? ej) en que calle, en que ciudad...

____ platos principales (carnes, verduras, etc...)

____ Postres

____ Bebidas

____ los precios ($$$) de cada plato

____ algo decoratvio (dibujos, fotos, colores, etc...)




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