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*Believe it or not, these are the only two proverbs from my class that I was able to include on this page. The students really went all out on their projects and they were all too big to fit in the scanner!  So here you have two examples of the proverbs they created.  Each one included a visual and a dialogue putting their sayings into context.  Even though I was unable to include many of their projects in this portfolio, here are some of the other proverbs and sayings they came up with:
  • "Come o sé la comida" (eat or be eaten)
  • "Aunque tu corazón se pueda romper, no se pueda romper la posibildad de enamorarse otra vez" (even though your heart can break, the possibility of falling in love again can not be broken)
  • "Un anzuelo sin gusano, no puede pescar un pez" (a fishhook without a worm can not catch a fish)