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*These activities were created for a research project I completed ("Exploring the Use of Internet Materials for Foreign Language Learning") during my graduate coursework, and are the second piece of evidence in this portfolio for ACTFL National Standard 2: Cultures, Literatures, and Cross-Disciplinary Concepts.  They show the importance I place on integrating culture into my curriculum and instructional practices, and my ability to create original activities which support that process.  The activities were a series of assignments designed for my students in a beginner level Spanish class at the University of Massachusetts.  Through exploration of the internet for specific items, and web forum postings, the activities were intended to utilize time outside of class to increase cultural knowledge, comprehension, writing, and speaking abilities in Spanish.

Actividad #1 "El Tiempo"

In Spanish you will create and present a 3-day weather report for a city in your chosen country. Go to the following website ""

For temperature conversions:


1. List the cities and their temperatures (Fahrenheit) in order from highest maximum to lowest maximum.

2. Decide what activities you would like to do and clothing you will bring depending on the weather.

3. List the cognates that you found.

4. List words not similar in English, but that you understood from the illustrations.

5. List words that you did not understand.

6. Respond to ONE of your classmates postings, stating things you would also like to do in that city, what you might need to bring... get creative!


Actividad #2 "COMIDA-Prepare a meal!"

1. Using the following website, decide what types of foods you would want to put into a three course meal that you could serve at a dinner party:

2. Click on the "MENU" link for ideas for each of the three courses.

You can choose from:

Antojitos; Mariscos; Carnes; Huevos; Sopas; Bebidas; Aves; Salsas; Verduras; o Postres.

3. Click on each sub section and then once inside, choose a specific dish, and the recipe will pop up (ingredients and how to make it)

4. Make sure you know what the recipe is, and what it means, yes that’s right,  GET OUT YOUR DICTIONARY!

5. Post the recipe up on the web forum with the translations next to each Spanish word (using your dictionary and VISTAS chapter 8) This will also help you out, and your classmates who are reading it! If there are some words you can’t get, ASK, write it down and bring it into class. Try your hardest though.

Por Ejemplo: You might decide to create a meal with the first course being "Sopas", the second course, "Carnes" , and the third course, "Postres". (You might want to give them some "Bebidas") Get creative with it! Be prepared to use your dictionary and book to find out what some of the words mean. After choosing your foods and posting the recipes in the web forum, be prepared to discuss in class some of the dishes you all created!

Buen Aprovecho! ________________________________________________________________________

Actividad #3: Ciudades y Turismo

Here is a list of possible websites for each of your countries! Feel free to use them or other cites you have found!





1. From the internet, you will look for THREE (3) things that you would like to see or visit when in the country you chose. They can be monuments, restaurants, ANYTHING you find on the web! Post them on our web forum in a list with a description of what it is.

2. Once you decide on the three things you will go see, create an itinerary of your day(s) in the country (IN SPANISH!), what times you will see each thing, when,...etc. be creative in your itinerary and post it on the web forum (Make sure everything is organized and can be followed by others).

Buena Suerte!

*Reflective Statement: These activities were well worth the preparation.  Not only did it break from the norm of textbooks and handwritten homework, it gave the students access to real language use, culture, and a chance to explore further the target language and its culture.  The web activities deal with three different areas of the target culture: climate, food, and tourism.  All three areas are extremely useful to the students especially in the event that they should travel to one of the Spanish speaking countries they investigated.  When I carry out this activity again, I will plan more time for engagement in conversation during class, more discussion of the results posted by the students in the web forum, and possibly some group activities.


Exploring the Use of Internet Materials for Foreign Language Learning

ACTFL National Standards