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*This artifact is evidence #1 for ACTFL National Standard 2: Cultures, Literatures, Cross Disciplinary Concepts and shows my understanding of connections and comparisons of the Spanish speaking cultures and our own.  It also displays the value I place on integrating cultural perspectives into the curriculum and my ability to do so.  
Below you will see a lesson plan for one week I taught during my student teaching for Chapter Four in the text book 'Paso a Paso 2'.  Throughout the chapter we covered sports and leisure related vocabulary, the verbs "saber" and "conocer", various irregular verbs in the preterit, reflexive verbs in the preterit, and a small segment on the art of Diego Rivera.  I chose to include this lesson plan because I was able to start a new chapter, with a new class, see it carried out, and assess the students on the unit's work as a whole.  I also expanded upon the cultural perspective in the text and completed a unit on the lives and artistic expressions of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. 
*(Words in red are the Massachusetts Foreign Language Education Standards and Strands that are represented by each activity. CLICK on link to Foreign Language standards


By the end of this week’s lessons, students will be able to discuss leisure activities they like/dislike (using present and preterit tenses), compare them with activities in Spanish-speaking countries, and discuss/share opinions on the lives and art of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. Students will be able to complete 3 out of 4 scenarios on page 149 assessment “Ahora lo Sabes...” (Now you know...).

Monday 3/28/05

Time: 1hr. 2min.

QUIZ! 15-20 minutes (“saber/conocer” and uses) *when finished with the quiz, complete the logic problem on the board (introduces “ser” and “ir” in the preterit)

Warm up: 10 minutes

-Answer to logic problem!

-Write on board “one thing you remember about Frida Kahlo or Diego Rivera”; Review

TASK: (Irregular verbs in the Preterit) 30 minutes

-Fill in Chart with correct Preterit conjugations

-Listen to a reading of a biography on Frida Kahlo. Follow along on handout, underlining all preterit verbs.

-Using what you have learned, complete “La Linea de la Vida” (timeline) sheet. Filling in blanks with preterit verbs (SEE TIMELINE) .

Conclusion: 5-10 minutes

-Review as a class.

HW (due tomorrow):

-Complete Workbook p. 38 and 40.

Tuesday 3/29/05

Time: 1hr. 2min ________

Homework Review: 10 minutes

-Review/Correct workbook p 38 and 40.

Warm up: 10-15 minutes (Intro to voc#2 Leisure Activities)

-Read “Outdoor Fun” (description of common activities in Spanish-Speaking countries; Conversation/Comparing...similarities/differences (*Comparisons 6.4)

TASK: 15-20 minutes

-View Comic strip (“Agripina”) of young people bored (contains Leisure voc.)

-Read and Understand Comic Strip together as a class.

-Can you make suggestions for the kids in the comic, using ideas from vocabulary #2 (p.134); Review (*Communication 1.13)

Extra: Last 15-20 minutes

Documentary on Diego Rivera (takes notes/comments)


-Article rough draft due tomorrow

Wednesday 3/30/05

Time 1hr. 30min. _____


-Hand in rough draft.

TASK: 15 minutes

- “Me Diverto” Worksheet. Complete and then interview your partners. What type of things do you have in common? How are your favorite activities similar to those in Spanish-speaking countries? etc...

Extra: 15-20 minutes

Documentary on Diego Rivera (takes notes/comments)

MULTICULTURAL ASSEMBLY in Auditorium: 50 minutes


Write a summary of what you saw in the documentary. Make a Quiz for your classmates on Diego's life and art.  Multiple choice...IN SPANISH!

Thursday 3/31/05  (See a reflection on this lesson) 

Time 1hr. 2min. _____

Hand in Homework! Quizzes on Diego

Warmup: 10 minutes

-Review “Me Divierto” answers with another classmate. Share your answers with your partner and then with the class

Activities before lunch: 20 minutes

-“Dictado” Write the words you hear and their definitions in English; Review-Paraphrase vocabulary #2 (like the game 20 questions: students pick an object from the vocabulary list and others ask Yes or No questions, trying to guess what the object is. (*Communication 1.3)

TASK: 30 minutes

-"Comuniquemos" #1 p140 with partner (converse)

-P149 "Ahora lo sabes": Checklist things you should be able to do. Individual writing in class. Finish for HW and correct article/rough draft; type up (I have to hand back Rough Drafts). (*Communication 3.8)

Viernes 4/1/05

Time 1hr. 7min. _____

Hand in Homework and Articles!

Warmup: 10-15 minutes (Silent work/Music from Mexico)

-Complete worksheets on desk. Review of “ser/ir” and Mexico map. "Where did the tourists go in Mexico?" Complete the sentences and mark on the map places the tourists have visited. (*Connections 7.1)

TASK: 20-25 minutes

-Discuss “Ahora lo Sabes” (review ideas of classmates/comments)

-When you have finished discussing, put all your books away, and pick up a Quiz on Diego Rivera to complete! (I hand out classmates quizzes)

Extra: 20 minutes (end of class)

-Make birthday cards for my friend in Spain! Be creative and tell her a little bit about yourself. (*Communication 3.9) (music)

CLICK BELOW TO SEE some projects and activites for this class:
*Reflective Statement: This class was a great experience for me.  As I said before, I was able to work with them from the beginning and carry out my own lesson plans and assessments all throughout the term.  The other classes I taught had started the trimester before I started working at the high school, so I 'walked in' on their classes and took over from there.  I feel that one of the biggest challenges facing student teachers is that they can be seen as the substitute and are often not taken as seriously as their regular teacher.  My ability to have purposeful and meaningful activities helped me to have a role as facilitator, and gain a presence in the classroom as the teacher, and not a substitute.  The fact that my students were interested in my classroom and learned from the activities we completed, allowed them to view me as their teacher.  That was my one preoccupation: being taken seriously.  I feel that my students did take me seriously, yet at the same time, knew they could relax a bit around me, and show who they really were.  Lesson planning and having a sequence of meaningful activities definitely aided me in the process of having the role of teacher in the classroom.  Learning how to plan lessons was one of the most valuable tools I picked up in my experience here, and I know it will greatly serve my students and I for the future.

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