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Español Advanzado - Honores

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*On this page you will find lessons and projects that I completed with a High School Spanish Advanced Honors class.  Before I took on this class, I had only been accustomed to teaching university classes or relatively "beginner" students.  The two advanced classes I taught during my student teaching, this being one of them, were real treats.  It is an amazing thing to be able to communicate with these students in the Spanish language and have them complete such open-ended, creative activities.  Below is a description of the links on this page.  It is some of the material I created for them and just a few of the results of being able to create and present lessons and activities, and watch the students' imaginations and minds go to work!  I hope you enjoy it, I know I did!
The first link, "Proverbios y Refranes", is evidence for ACTFL National Standard 1: Language, Linguistics, Comparisons.  It is a three day unit on popular Spanish proverbs, their meanings, reflections of culture, community interviews, and creative projects.  The other links presented on this page are lessons I developed which followed the proverb unit.  They include a lesson presented on the overhead projector of the formation of the irregular subjunctive verbs, a quiz on the conjugation of the subjunctive, and an overhead projector presentation of the imperative.  The last link is the rubric and requirements for a project we completed where the final assessment of the students' usage of the imperative was given in an oral presentation where they showed us 'how to' do something.

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