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*In my first year of teaching here at the University of Massachusetts, I learned a lot about myself through my students and gained some amazing experience while teaching them.  Their feedback helped me improve my class and teaching style, and allowed me to get to know them better.  Here's some of their opinions on my class! Enjoy!

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"From the onset of the class, Hera maintained that the classroom environment would be fun and relaxing.  She never strayed from her promise, and her class was the one I most looked forward to during the week.  Hera put the responsibility of learning on the student, which stimulated my education more and made the course experience all the more enjoyable."         -Dan Devoe
"Hera is one of those few teachers who can blend her own expertise and intelligence with a subtle wit and intrinsic knowledge of exactly what it is to be a student in this day and age. I never once felt that Hera had lost track of how difficult it is to first learn a language.        -Sean DeBettencourt
"I have learned so much just from being in Hera's class. I had never taken Spanish before and now I feel very comfortable with the language and using it conversationally."           -Amy Cavanagh
"I am teaching a course next semester, and Hera has been a model for how I want to interact with my class.  Hera did a great job facilitating our class, she both introduced material in an accessible manner but she never made anything redundant.  Hera truly believes in the autonomy of her students.  She took the time to get to know her students personally and exhibited constantly that she had a genuine interest in her students learning and progression.  I have never taken Spanish before and was very worried because I have never excelled in languages.  However, because of Hera's enthusiasm and love for all things related to Spanish, I really wanted to do well.  Her positive mental attitude was contagious, and I know everyone in my class loved coming to Spanish.  I want to continue with Spanish because of my Spanish 110 experience, and for that I applaud Hera!"      -Liz Hartunian
"I just wanted to thank Hera for a great semester.  I really enjoyed the class because it wasn't your typical class.  I feel that the class was not taught by a teacher, but simply a friend who happens to be teaching me spanish.  I went into the class, with a poor attitude and left the semester with a positive outlook on learning Spanish."      -Sean Middlebrook  
"Hera creates a fun and friendly learning environment for all of us." 
-Chris Moran

Here's some students in my Spanish110 class, doing their Cultural Presentations

"Learning to teach is not a singular event, with a start and a finish.  It is not limited to a particular place, with boundaries to confine its growth.  Learning to teach is a long-term, complex, socially constructed, developmental process that is acquired by participating in the social practices associated with teaching and learning."  -K.J.